Hollywood Wingnut Earns Nickname “Tehran Rose” After Apologizing to Iran

Unhinged and certifiable mentally unstable Hollywood wingnut Rose McGowan took it upon herself to apologize to Iran following the airstrike that killed General Qassem Suleimani. We get it we understand you Leftists in Hollywood hate Donald Trump, but the fact that you come out to apologize and attack Trump when one of the worst people to ever walk the Earth is removed makes you truly a despicable, and more importantly TRAITOROUS, individual.

McGowan will forever be known as Tehran Rose (for those in twitterverse #TehranRose), just as Jane Fonda is Hanoi Jane.

There is no excuse nor explanation for being so ignorant to the facts. Suleimani is responsible for 1000’s of Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, American and others deaths. When you see soldiers with missing limbs, Suleimani was most likely responsible!

Tehran Rose carried on after that tweet expressing more or less her hate for America, BOTH political parties. She strangely, not surprising because of her mental state, said she’s a republican but would NOT vote republican nor democrat, BUT wants democrats to win because they won’t get us all killed like republicans would!???🙄

In a piss poor attempt of a non-apology apology, Tehran Rose claims she freaked out over the threat of war, and doesn’t want any soldiers to die. Keep in mind she told someone “Fuck your freedom and shove it up your #MAGA ass” in an earlier tweet responding to someone saying “You’re betraying the ones killed by terrorists to defend your freedom.” Tehran Rose is DEFINITELY spitting on soldiers who have lost limbs and died as a result of Suleiman’s handiwork in the middle east! No apology will ever change that because her initial tweet that started this was well thought out, not under any time constraints, no gun to her head, with hashtags, probably revised a few times to fit in the tweet (meet character count limit of 280) and her little gif image she had to find and upload before hitting the Tweet button!

This is a look into the mind of your typical avg unhinged Leftist. And it wasn’t just her siding with Iran, democrats across the board took the wrong side following this airstrike. They’d rather side with our enemies than support Donald Trump, that’s the level of hate searing through their veins!

ANYONE condemning the US/ Pres Trump for taking out this Iranian monster is OUR mortal enemy.

There’s NO coming back from this for Tehran Rose, John Cusack, Sen Chris Murphy, Pelosi, Schumer, Ben Rhodes etc – NO “I’m sorry”, “I made a mistake”, “I didn’t realize or understand”,”I was mad and went a little too far”. Nothing you say will ever undo the damage you people are doing to this country because….. you cannot get over the 2016 election.

These people have put their hate for President Trump ahead rational sane thinking, showing how easily they’ll side with our enemies to score cheap political points with the hopes of winning hearts and minds at the ballot box. All they’re doing is establishing the front-lines when SHTF. These people are standing on that gas pedal repeating history to get the US to 1861 when things got very messy.

FTR yours truly is taking 100% credit for getting the hashtag #TehranRose trending after seeing someone call her that in a reply!
Here’s the tweet that started it: