Nadler: ‘Total Dictatorship’ If Trump Not Convicted


Everything the democrats have and will accuse Pres Trump of doing they’re guilty of. They are the ones abusing their power. They are the ones turning the Constitutional process on its head because Orange Man bad. Democrats are the ones acting like dictators with their absolute declarations as Nadler is doing for the umpteenth time against the Senate GOP if they do not do everything the House dems failed to do and want done now!

Convict Trump or he’s a dictator! This guys logic process is beyond demented.

There is NO crime for the President to reject and challenge subpoenas under Executive Privilege, which we heard all the time under obama’s reign of terror. That SOB threw roadblocks up at every opportunity, and FTR he violated the law all the time. One of his biggest violations was his infamous Rose Garden Speech for DACA. And let’s not forget his “I got a pen and phone” threat!

Pres Trump is running foreign policy his was a bunch of elitists don’t like it so Nadler and co create this circus we’ve been watching on top of everything else they’ve done. Three plus years of constant attacks and challenges… so who is the one acting like a dictator Jerry!?

We have 278 days until the election. Independents and LAZY republican voters better get with the program to remove these monsters who abuse their power from office.

Democrats must be POLITICALLY exterminated from ever holding political office again… not even head street sweeper, or in Pelosi, Schiff and CA dems case poop cleaner!