Who’s Next to be Purged From Social Media?


We can now add Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe** to the list of people social media giant Twitter is targeting. His account was suspended for FACTUALLY reporting on Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff

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Jan 31, 2020: Today Live Action, a pro-life group was from suspended from TikTok*, and ZeroHedge, a site that focuses mainly on financial markets, the economy and political news with many pieces written by insiders using pseudonyms, was suspended from Twitter. They’re the newest examples of what is coming to anyone who speaks out of line against the progressive Left. If you support policies or post information the Left sees as a major threat they will silence you and eventually take every action to destroy you.

Many faces/ voices have already been removed from various social media platforms from James Woods, Katie Hopkins, Laura Loomer, and even Alex Jones, whom this site DOES NOT agree with BUT he has every right to be on any of these platforms as anyone else. How is it a media site, pro-life group or someone like Jones gets banned from a social media platform yet countless antifa, BLM and other proven violent radical Leftist groups remain?

Listen to these monsters over the protests/ violence going on right now in NYC

So these people get to stay on social media spewing their hate and calls for violence but Laura Loomer, who RIGHTLY called out Rep Ilhan Omar, or James Woods, who quoted a Emerson, are off!?

What you have here folks is the just the beginning of a massive purge coming before the November elections. The signs are everywhere something big is brewing. Shadowbans, reply rebooting and other forms of censorship are occurring against conservatives on all platforms, yours truly has personally experienced it too! The Left KNOWS Pres Trump utilized social media to propel himself into the White House, they want to stop that and after this week they’ll do whatever the have to at any cost.

Congress could do something be forcing these companies to acknowledge they’re either a platform or a publisher. If they say platform, who gets tax incentives then they will have to allow ALL speech. If they say publisher then they can say goodbye to their tax breaks. What about the First Amendment… it doesn’t really apply for private companies/ organizations. This site is MY PROPERTY, I say and do what I want here up to and including censoring any comment I deem inappropriate. That’s how things work in the free-world. BUT if I was getting tax incentives from the govt they could come down on me.

Other than that there’s really not much any of us can do other than document the censorship, make a lot of noise publicly shaming these companies and the people responsible or organize, spend some money and show up at these companies next shareholders meeting to deliver a Corporate Squeeze through a shareholder vote!

*Lila Rose’s Live Action has been reinstated by TikTok but the action should not be dismissed. It appears it was only because of public pressure they got reinstated.

** O’Keefe is back on twitter 2/11/20 after violating his “own convictions”… he has much to report on it didn’t help being out of the game as he just exposed a election worker breaking the law giving advice.