Senator Makes No Apologies Over Calling CNN Reporter a Liberal Hack


The media is quite worked up over Sen Martha McSally calling CNN’s Manu Raju a “liberal hack” when he attempted to ask her a question on impeachment. Jake Tapper was got quite triggered saying McSally called Raju a “nasty name”! WHEN did “liberal hack” rise up into the ranks of Son of a Bitch, Bastard, Asshole, Mother F’r etc??? It didn’t, this is the media incapable of taking their medicine.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC etc have been peddling LIES for far too long especially over collusion, Russia Russia Russia and all the other DNC hoaxes. These people have no credibility of being down the center news people. What you have here is an example of the entitlement mentality from the media, like all on the Left. They think they’re entitled to betrayed fairly, get answers, and not get any kind of pushback from the people they trash daily, as McSally and Ingraham pointed out.

McSally gladly doubled down calling Raju a liberal hack, because he is just like Tapper, Darcy, Blitzer, Acosta, Maddow, Shep Smith, Chris Wallce etc! She told Ingraham “I’m a fighter pilot, I call it like it is”, and she is right these people are beyond biased, always out to get Tump and the GOP.

Mollie Hemingway threw down as well as Sean Davis against the biased liberal hacks pretending to be journalists…

The media is getting what they deserve for the hate and division they’re directly responsible for. You cannot push lies, misinformation, deceit and think you can getaway with it. The media needs to get more harsh treatment, than this slap on the wrist McSally gave Raju. They need to be shut out frankly from access to Congress members and the White House.

If it wasn’t made clear, then understand this liberal hack media – you have NO RIGHT to ask questions of ANYONE expecting to get answers if all you do is attack, trash and misrepresent your targets!

You Get Nothing!