Sen Paul Warns Senate GOP May Block Trump Witness Requests But Allow Dems!

Sen rand Paul is convinced the Biden’s are corrupt but he has a bigger concern with some of the members of the Senate GOP! He warns there are republicans who are not going to grant Pres Trump’s witness requests while allowing those the democrats want to testify.

Senators Alexander, Collins, Gardner, Murkowski, Romney and other NeverTrump sleepers have all been vocal over their concerns with the Presidents conduct, Mitch McConnell’s response to dems demands etc. These are the people we have to worry about not only blocking witnesses but also voting in favor of impeaching Trump.

Pressure needs to be put on them to stand with the President because he has committed no crimes. The two Articles of Impeachment filed against him are not crimes; there are no criminal statutes on the books for Obstruction of Congress or Abuse of Power. The $40+M Mueller wasted investigating Trump, none of the findings (lack of) were even included in the House impeachment hearings. These people know this, if they do what Paul warns, their constituents aka YOU must get active and give them hell.