Pelosi: Impeachment About Allegations Not Proof


Where have we heard twisted talk like Nancy Pelosi does here, concerning allegations against Pres Trump, before that the truth, as dems understand it, must be accepted over the proof… “truth over facts”? We heard it from Joe Biden. While the majority of Right leaning media and pundits mocked Biden for making an outlandish statement he was in fact telling the truth of how dems operate and Pelosi just confirmed it!

Allegations in simplest form is what someone thinks or believes based on what they heard or think they saw, it’s their truth. Proof is having actual evidence to support what one thinks and believes, also known as facts.

Dems are impeaching Trump over what they and their whistleblower thinks happened. They dismiss the proof, in this case Pres Trump’s transcript of what was said between himself and UKR Pres Zelensky. A lie told over and over again, “Trump engaged in quid pro quo.. extortion.. bribery to get an edge over his 2020 competition”, is nothing more than an allegation. To date no one have produced any evidence/ proof to support the claim. But that doesn’t matter because the dems were able to move the ball downfield with this attempt to impeach and remove Pres Trump.

This should concern all Americans, knowing how far the democrats are willing to go for revenge against the sitting President of the United States. They take things this far over allegations just imagine what they will do against any of us!

292 days to make things right America or allow Pelosi and her ilk to have power if not increase it.