“They Don’t Hate Trump, They HATE YOU”


This reaction from Greg Gutfeld yesterday was unscripted, raw, 100% true and an expression of how countless Americans feel following the show Nancy Pelosi and the democrats put on signing and delivering the Articles of Impeachment. You’ve probably seen a meme or two floating around of Pres Trump sitting looking at the camera with a similar statement.

“…they don’t hate Trump, they hate you. He’s a proxy for you because you voted for him. They think you’re a bunch of rubs because you didn’t listen to the media. This is their revenge.”

The democrats are really trying to get back at YOU through impeachment because you put Trump in office. It’s not about him, it’s about the elites in DC being overwhelmed with hate because you broke the chain of command. You didn’t vote for one of the typical puppets we’re normally forced to choose between for public office.

The dems have crossed one too many lines during Trump’s admin. Between 8 eight years of obama and these last 3+ under Trump the unhinged violent Left has done irrecoverable damage to this country, permanently dividing the people. There is no coming back from what they’ve done. No “I’m/ we’re sorry”, “got carried away took things a little too far”, “made a mistake”, “didn’t realize or understand”, or whatever excuse they come up with. Here’s why, they know exactly what they’re doing and saying. The left is desperate and obsessed with having absolute power over this country and our lives. Look what they have done to Donald Trump for over 3 years! That isn’t a mistake, an accident or overreaction. It’s calculated and planned out, one attack after another. They HATE him and they most definitely HATE YOU!

One last thing… Look at what’s happening in Virginia over gun rights. That’s democrats showing the entire country what they will do when they hold super majority power. They hate anyone who stand against their policies so the very first thing they’re doing in power is taking every measure possible to disarm the people before they ram through their radical policies! This is what tyrants do when they have power and it’s what the dems couldn’t do on a national level because YOU screwed their plans up by voting for Donald Trump! So they’re doing everything in their power to get him out of office!

So when this is over you MUST do the fourth thing Gutfeld listed in his rant…

“And last but not least, you got to store all that anger. And when this is over, and when they lose, because they will, you got to rub their noses in their loss to the day they retire.

Rub it not only in those elected into power but their ilk, all the pundits on tv, Hollywood, the foot-soldiers on the streets and especially Pantifa!

You LAZY registered GOP voters who whine about the democrats, but sit home election day, better get your asses out to vote removing dems from power once and for all.