CNN Burns Sanders, Releases Hot Mic Confrontation With Warren


There was no reason for CNN to air this tense exchange as Elizabeth Warren confronts Bernie Sanders for calling her a liar. It would appear once again the establishment Left (just as bad as the Right) will screw Bernie over again. Do we care that the Left is eating each other? No. BUT it goes to show how far they’re willing to go for their preferred candidate.

This is a safe assumption, and there were probably other operatives within the DNC behind it too.

In 2016 the DNC screwed Sanders over by handing the nomination over to Hillary. As democrat voters continue lean in favor of him over the other disasters running the powers that be are stepping in to be failed kingmakers again. This is proof the establishment thinks they know better than the will of the People, regardless if you’re Left or Right. Again, don’t really care that they’re destroying each other but it is a concern over the power hungry working behind the scenes.

It should also be of concern for ALL Americans post-hidden video released by Project Veritas of a Bernie Bro campaign worker who more or less said if the DNC screws Bernie over, cities will burn. Guess the Left wants to see those riots and violence – problem with that is it becomes EVERYONE’S problem when these Bernie Bro’s and Pantifa‘s terrorizing the country.