AOC: Jesus Would Be ‘Maligned as a Radical’ in Congress


Not only is AOC an “expert” on climatology, economics and biology but you can add theologian to her resume. No wonder she is the Speaker of the democrat party and Nancy demoted to Spokeswoman! This little girl is an expert on Jesus, knowing him inside and out concluding he would be ‘maligned as a radical’ by Congress.

Yes, Jesus would be a radical by DEMOCRATS in Congress because he wasn’t a socialist! Right off the bat he would condemn the killing of unborn babies Congress fully supports! He would have a problem with these people taking from those who work hard to give to others who choose not to do anything to help themselves. He more or less put it on the individual to help, never advocating a higher authority to take, which many in Congress are experts at!

Democrats are ones who work tirelessly to mock and trivialize people of faith. They are the ones who weaponize scripture to get what they want. These are the same people who don’t even want to say Merry Christmas, support the removal of the Nativity during the holidays, and other attacks on Christians. Do we need to talk about the anti-Semitism that runs rampant in the DNC? Yours truly is no expert on Jesus, but common sense tells you the Leftists in Congress would be the ones calling him a radical.