Bill Maher Predicts Trump ‘Will Declare Martial Law’ Over Virus


Bill Maher is doing his part to keep TDS at critical levels among the Left. While rightly taking shots at pollsters for knowing nothing, he made the argument dems might as well run Sanders against Trump because he doesn’t think Trump will leave office if he loses. He then piled on with his conspiracy theories that Trump ‘will declare martial law’ over coronavirus!

It’s trash like this that gets all the Leftist pundits amped up to go on tv ranting against Pres Trump. Maher throws conspiracies out at times that would make Alex Jones jealous. This whole leaving office nonsense has been going on for a while that Maher probably started. Trump hasn’t done anything to suggest he is lawless (he was NEVER charged with an actual crime during the impeachment circus) let alone suspend the rule of law by declaring martial law over a virus that is NOT as bad as the flu!

If CV is as bad as they say then why aren’t the Americans infected dying? Only 1 person has died, and while we don’t have all the details yet, I’m willing to bet that individual had other health issues that combined with CV was lethal. If you don’t want to get the virus WASH YOUR HANDS, keep things a little cleaner, be more respectful when you cough and sneeze to cover up and with respect to the stock market STOP PANIC SELLING!

Maher is actually doing us a favor with this hysterical rant by hopefully encouraging more sane democrats, growing tired of the lies and nonsense, to #WalkAway from the democrat party. We need another 4 years of Trump to watch these monsters completely discredit and burn themselves down!