Sanders Calls Pres Trump “the Greatest Threat to This Country”

The biggest threat to America is not ISIS, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea or the coronavirus – no according to Bernie Sanders Pres Trump “is the greatest threat to this country, in the modern history of this country. That he’s a fraud, that he’s a liar, that he’s undermining American democracy.”

Well now this is rich seeing that it comes from a self-avowed socialist (closet communist) who is on record embracing Castro and other murderous dictators. Pres Trump has done everything he has promised the American people, to help boost the economy putting trade deals in our favor, saying enough to illegal aliens securing the border, appointing conservative judges vs the political activist obama and others have appointed, strengthening our military after being dismantled and weakened, strengthened America in the eyes of our allies and enemies.

Trump is the “greatest threat” not to this country but to the Left, because he is destroying everything the marxist obama implemented that weakened America.

If elected Sanders will reverse everything, re-implementing many of obama’s destructive policies Trump eliminated, putting them on steroids. We’ll get higher taxes that just won’t hurt companies but put them out of business. He’ll takeover the healthcare system where we’ll wish we got the kind of poor care vets get through the VA (an example already running of govt controlled healthcare). All his promises of free___ will not be able to be funded because there isn’t enough money and wealthy Americans he’ll go after, pay attention, will pull their money out of the US and move it overseas. All those companies and investors who have come back under Trump will leave so fast it will leave Sanders’ head spinning. His plans for the US will cause a cascade effect of all markets and industries to collapse. SOCIALISM DOESN NOT WORK, Venezuela and Cuba are proof.

If you like your job, doctor, house and everything else you better vote Trump and GOP straight down the ballot in November.