Biden: Illegal Immigration is “A Gift” to the US


Yes, to hardcore Leftists, like I’ve done nothing for over 40 years in Govt Joe Biden, illegal immigration IS a gift to the US. because the Left USES illegals for political power. Illegals help to change the demographics of communities opening the door for liberals to gain political power, as was done successfully in California turning a once red state blue under permanent democrat control.

Illegals help drive wages down which is a gift for dem politicians who can then run to liberal run media harping away about wage inequality while they condemn the rich. They also overwhelm our healthcare and social welfare systems which again supply political ammunition for the Left to push for more tax dollars while ready to invoke racism the moment anyone balks.

Illegals are a gift alright, if you want to destroy an economy or country really. Leave the door wide open to them and give them everything you would never in a million years give to citizens