Leftist Attacks College Republicans, Spits on American Flag


While the Left says the Right is violent they’ve yet to produce any proof, but here we have another example of how dangerous and violent these people are, especially those attending universities and colleges aka liberal indoctrination camps. An entire generation is being conditioned to not only verbally but physically attack anyone who disagree with their political agenda. They’re being programmed to hate this country and anything associated with it’s Founding including the Flag.

Students, like these monsters at US Santa Cruz, are being filled with hate at these institutions by educators who no longer want to debate, they want to dictate and control. And it’s not just the schools, the violence happens anywhere and everywhere where those who lean right need to be careful what they say, do and wear not just over the fear of verbal attacks but having their jobs threaten or physically attacked.

It doesn’t matter the age or gender, Leftists are unhinged, violent and incredibly dangerous. Not voting is in fact voting for people who encourage this kind of behavior. Democrats must be taught a lesson, they must be POLITICALLY exterminated from all public office,  school boards… everything