Dem Presidential Candidates Vow Open Borders


It doesn’t matter who wins the DNC nomination, all the candidates support an open border agenda. These clips of Tom Steyer (bottom tier) and Bernie Sanders (front-runner) show one of the democrats first orders of business, if they win in November, will be to stop all border wall construction. They will in fact have the fences taken down, leaving the border wide open for illegal… undocumented democrats to flow into the US. Dems will then decriminalize the border, use your tax dollars to give illegals ID’s (to inevitably vote) and help them with housing – not in their neighborhoods but yours, especially if it’s a red district!

Lazy republican voters in VA getting an education of what happens when you don’t vote. Let what happened there be a lesson to the rest of you who sit home election day but bitch and moan the other 364 of what will happen if any of these monsters get power, let alone win the White House.

In VA dems didn’t focus their efforts on infrastructure, economy, healthcare or poverty they went right after gun rights. What do you think these monsters will do if they get that power in DC? The border and systematic destruction of the Second Amendment will be front and center.