Sanders in 1987 Admits Single Payer Healthcare Would Bankrupt the Nation


While the democrat establishment is in denial, it’s becoming clear Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner for the DNC nomination to run against Pres Trump. Makes sense he’s getting so much support from clueless voters since he is promising just about free everything, dismantling of our border and military and bring chaos to corporate America.

One of his promises is Medicare for All, which if you don’t know is a govt program for older Americans (65 and over) as well as some younger Americans with disabilities. Medicaid is a similar govt health program for low-income families and children, elderly and those with disabilities. In a nutshell Sanders is using an existing govt program people can identify with to push his policy for single payer healthcare / healthcare for all.

Here is Sanders in 1987, talking about Medicaid, admitting if we were to make it available for everyone (which is what he wants to do now) the cost would be an “astronomical sum of money, that you know we would bankrupt the nation”.


Sanders has no idea what it’s going to cost today,

… knows the country cannot afford in 87 let alone today, yet healthcare for all is one of his major campaign promises! This guy will destroy the US healthcare system and economy if he gets elected.