Dems In Disarray: Protester Seizes Mic At Bloomberg Event, This “Is Not Democracy”


The infighting and divide among the hardcore Left, regardless of age and gender, is palpable. You have Bernie Bros are not taking no for an answer this time around from the elites running the DNC. Biden supporters living in fantasyland, Warren supporters being treated like crap, while Mini Mike Bloomberg is trying to buy this dem race just goes to show how corrupt these people are for money, power and control against their own kind.

Couple that with the radicals in the Project Veritas undercover videos stating they will go after cops and burn cities if Bernie gets screwed from the nomination. They also vow if Trump wins, in other words Bernie loses the general election, they will burn cities.

This is how they’re acting now amongst each other, just imagine how things will be Nov 4th if/ when (because anything can happen between now and then) Trump wins!