Atty General Gives Notice to Sanctuary City Leaders Violating Rule of Law

Leftists have another reason to hate Atty General Bill Barr after he gave notice to Sanctuary City leaders who have been violating US immigration law and putting criminal illegal aliens above Americans. Forfar too long the Left has been protecting illegal aliens as well as criminal aliens as they pander to hispanics across the US without any regard the danger they’re putting Americans in as well as the strains they put on the economy and social entitlement programs.

Dems can whine all they want but the law supersedes their feelings where we can only hope very soon those running ILLEGAL Sanctuary Cities/ States will be issued warnings. When they inevitably ignore those warnings arrest warrants should be issued right off the bat for violating 8 US Code 1324 (harboring) and 1327 (aiding illegals). There are other laws Leftists are violating but these two will be the main ones used for sure.

The only way this abuse of power by Leftists running sanctuary Cities/States comes to an end is by arresting the violators; that means local council members all the way up to governors like California’s Gavin Newsom. These people have set bad precedents and examples that show through everyday by their ilk who have no respect for the law and authority.