Sanders Supporter Calls For ‘Powerful Socialist Movement to End All Capitalist Oppression and Exploitation’


Seattle City council member and self-avowed socialist, Kshama Sawant rallied fellow closet communists at a recent Bernie Sanders rally in Tacoma, WA. Make no mistake about it the democrat party as you knew it is dead. Socialists like Sanders, AOC, Sawant have taken the party over and are on a mission to destroy the USA.

These monsters are the same ones years ago who would have lashed out at you if you called them a socialist, now they don’t even try to hide their destructive agenda:
Green New Deal
End of capitalism
Open borders
Free healthcare, college etc for illegals and maybe their supporters
End of Constitutional rights

Sawant is an immigrant to the US who grew up in poverty in India. She seems to be doing pretty damn well and wouldn’t be had it NOT been for this “oppressive” capitalist nation! That’s what these closet commies do though, once they get power they want to shut the door behind them and control everyone locked behind that door.