MN Atty Gen & Fmr Dem Rep Keith Ellison Thinks Bernie Bros Are Harmless


MN Atty General and fmr US Congressman Keith Ellison is living in a delusional world as he took to Twitter saying he’s “never seen Bernie Sanders supporters being unusually mean or rude”! This jerk was in Congress in May 2017 when a Bernie Bro shot up the GOP practicing for the Congressional baseball game where Steve Scalise was almost killed.

Scalise’s response to this absurdity, “I can think of an example.”

If that isn’t enough maybe the Bernie Bro who attacked Rand Paul will be a sufficient example for Ellison?

No? How about these clowns exposed by Project Veritas who love gulags and are vowing to burn cities, attack cops, riot and all kinds of violence if Sanders doesn’t get the DNC nomination and Trump wins re-election!

People like Ellison always play stupid and make excuses for the monsters they helped create. This clown was one of the biggest race hustlers and dividers we ever had in Congress. MN voters are stuck with him as AG, let that be another lesson you get what you deserve for sitting home election day.