Warren: The Green New Deal Doesn’t Go “Far Enough”


Elizabeth Warren pandering for votes told a supporter she wants to get the US and world off an oil based economy saying “I not only support a green new deal, I don’t think it goes far enough”!

The Green New Deal (GND) will cost at least $32 TRILLION, it will destroy industries, actually taking us backwards where you can be sure starvation will follow AFTER people are done fighting with each other for food and resources. This plan was conceived by a radical leftist group, delivered by a CHILD (AOC) who has no idea what she’s saying or doing (A LOT like obama). Go back and watch clips of AOC pushing for it, she’s clueless speaking off the cuff, but during Congressional hearings you can tell she’s reading a script prepared by her bosses Justice Democrats. Why would anyone, even Warren who is supposed to be this great mind when it comes to economics, throw their support behind such an insane proposal, unless they’re insane?!

Solar panels and windmills would have to be everywhere destroying the very planet kooks like Warren and her ilk want to protect with the GND. Just a few years ago billionaire T Boone Pickens was all on-board with developing massive wind farms but dropped it over the realization over the ecological impact and the energy needed would not be produced! It’s a nice idea but it doesn’t work, and will inevitably get people killed!

What you have to understand right off the bat is the people who author these bills have no experience in whatever the bill addresses. For example those who authored obamacare, were not doctors or healthcare providers, they’re bureaucrats, politician’s aides, special interest groups who get their pet project buried deep within the pages no one will ever read. Same applies to GND, scientists didn’t write it, nor any economist… activists wrote it. People who believe in biased junk science, who deny counter data, eco-terrorists, political activists, dimwits like AOC dreamt it up. One more example would be looking at the gun ban bill from Virginia presented by Mark Levine. This guy has ZERO clue how guns work, blatantly lied on the origins of the weapons he wanted to ban even going so far to suggest Eugene Stoner’s invention, AR-15, was originally a weapon designed by….. the Nazis!

So when you have clowns like Warren preaching for this disaster of a bill you should be concerned especially when she says it doesn’t go far enough. How does she know? What is her background to understand the impact it will have not only on the environment, ecological impact but the economy and people!?


Warren and the socialist party are just looking for a vehicle to wreck the US so they can come along with another solution to save us all. They’re doing it right now on healthcare, as many of us warned. Obamacare was it, the healthcare plan that would make everything right, but Sanders, Warren ALL OF THEM are calling for Medicare/aid For All. But I thought obamacare was so great!? Nope if was just a vehicle to get them closer to single payer govt controlled healthcare. Same is true for the GND to take over the economy and just about every single industry since oil is in or used for just about everything!! Go walk around your house everything you have was made from oil or oil was used to make it! These people not only have no clue, but are incredibly dangerous with their delusions.