Biden Won’t Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens If They Haven’t Committed Felony in US

Wow Crazy Uncle Joe is getting pretty desperate for those primary votes and is making it clear illegal aliens, especially those with criminal backgrounds will be treated like first class citizens in his version of America. For those illegals who have “not committed a felony while in the” US, but may have wherever they came from before crossing the border, Joe will not have you deported!

So all of the illegal alien rapists, child molesters, thugs, thieves, oh and killers need to not doing anything here in Biden’s first 100 days. They have nothing to worry about once they cross the open border he will also implement. America will be their playground to not only free everything, at the expense of taxpayers, but their criminal record will more or less be “expunged”!

If this isn’t a clear message how the Left doesn’t care who comes across the border nor gives a shit about you and your family what is!? Stories like Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw Jr, Maria Fuertas and countless others will be a daily occurrence.

My God people if you don’t organize, mobilize and get every sane person you know out to vote Nov 3 for Pres Trump, republican and conservative candidates, Biden or any of the other hate-America SNC candidates are going to destroy this country.