Violent Leftist Indiana Couple Arrested For Running 2 Boys With Trump Flags on Their Bikes Off the Road


Arrests were made over July 22 attack against two teenage boys, twin brothers, riding their bikes with Trump flags who were run off the road by an unhinged violent Leftist couple, Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones and Cailyn Marie Smith, in Hobart, Indiana.

“The two boys told Hobart detectives they were riding their bikes near 8th and Fleming when a blue Chevrolet Malibu began following them, court records state.

Snapchat video obtained by police shows the Malibu, driven by Perry-Jones, swerve the wheels sharply “as if he saw the boys and wanted to hit them with the vehicle” while yelling, “‘Y’all better get home,'” court records state.

Perry-Jones and Smith allegedly yelled expletives at the two teen boys and demanded that they “pull that flag down” in the video, police said.

Perry-Jones allegedly threatened to beat the boys up for calling 911, court records state.

In the video, Perry-Jones also said that if police questioned him about it, he would just say the boys called him a racial slur.

During the encounter, Perry-Jones allegedly drove his car through several yards, chasing them.
One of the boys told detectives Smith snatched their flag while filming the video, so they chased after the car. Only after the boys threatened to call police did the couple drop the flag and intentionally run it over with their vehicle before fleeing the area, records state.”
~ NWITimes

The level of TDS the Left, as a whole, is suffering from is at a critical level where we have one story after another of Trump supporters being attacked. The age and sex of both offender(s) and victim(s) is all over demonstrating the Left doesn’t care, they’ll get you whoever you are! Every single week there is a story about Leftists assaulting Trump supporters whether it’s in a restaurant, hotel, entertainment event of some kind, school/ college – it never stops. This has been going on for 3+years and we haven’t even gotten to the general election. It’s not an exaggeration to conclude, at the rate they’re going, the unhinged violent Left will start killing Trump supporters.

If and when Pres Trump is re-elected you should expect the level of violence to escalate to frightening levels. Don’t ever let your guard down in public if you are outspoken over your support of the President and GOP/ Right. At this point it could be a little old lady carrying homemade cookies trying to crack you over the head because you back Donald Trump!

These people are unhinged, violent and incredibly dangerous – WATCH YOUR BACK.

It is highly recommended if you/ your family are outspoken politically, even if you wear a Trump hat, have a bumper sticker, and don’t have self-defense training you should sign up for some ASAP. What kind of training? That’s up to you but yours truly trains in Krav Maga because it is designed for street fighting, and is quite violent.