Sanders: Undocumented Immigrants “Entitled” to Same Gov’t Benefits as Citizens


2/24/20 FYI Facebook has deemed this video of Sanders in his own words as “False”!

2/22/20 Bernie Sanders continues to make promises he can’t keep as he was campaigning in Texas today telling supporters housing and higher education (among others) are “basic human rights”. To thunderous applause he declared these rights are for “all of our people” which includes undocumented aka illegal aliens “..that all of our people, when I say all I also mean the undocumented in this country, that all of our people are entitled to basic human rights”.

We already have govt provided housing, they’re called “the projects” found in many major cities/ towns. Most are in poor condition, in parts of cities/ towns riddled with crime and poverty. It should be noted the majority of these cities/ towns are run by democrats, and have been under their control for DECADES!
Higher education is a joke. If you follow this site you’ve seen the commentary how the need for a higher education is unnecessary unless one is seeking a career that truly requires higher education: doctor, lawyer, science, engineering and the like. College IS the biggest scam ever put over on people. It’s a debt trap, especially when you allow people to get degrees in transgender studies, pop culture, recreation and leisure, family enterprise etc where there are NO JOBS waiting to be filled! Think about it for a minute – politicians and their ilk say go to college. People go, then get buried in debt for that useless degree and are then pandered.. preyed on by the same people who told them to get the degree that if you vote for them they’ll [taxpayers get hit with the burden] cover your school debt. Do you see the nasty vicious circle?! And it’s all for monsters like Sanders to get power and control over all of us!

Undocumented immigrants have no right to any of these things along with countless others social welfare programs paid for by YOU the American taxpayers. There is NO SUCH thing as undocumented immigrant either. Using such language suggests these people have legal status to be in the US, but their papers are tied up in red-tape, lost, stolen or the dog ate them. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sanders and his party are radical socialists who will run this country into the ground. Vote Trump and republican this November or you will be holding the bill for all the promises Bernie can’t keep!