Dems Are Cracking Believing Memes Drive ‘Voter Suppression’ Part of Russian Interference


It’s now making sense why dem voters are flocking to radicals like Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, AOC and co – the memes we’ve all seen and posted are breaking them! Dems are cracking from memes that mock them, their twisted candidates and tell the cold hard truth about their policies (yes, some have misinformation) and the like, that according to one NY Times propagandist play a role in voter suppression which is all part of Russian interference with the election!

Got that? Per their logic if you post memes about Bernie, AOC, Pelosi etc you must be a Russian asset!

You know why they’re doing this right? Dems KNOW Americans.. sane democrat and independent voters want nothing to do with socialism being proposed by current frontrunner for President nor any of the radical policies by the other candidates. Granted nothing unexpected happens, this is Trump’s election to lose. So the unhinged violent Left are actively rehashing Russia Russia Russia for what should be a crushing election.

As long as you and people like you get out to vote in massive numbers, the results of the election had nothing to do with crazy conspiracies of Russian interference.

Now for Frum’s nonsense about the Presidents health vs Hillary’s… I don’t recall Trump getting driven around in a camouflaged ambulance nor his aides/bodyguards holding him up and then dragging him into said ambulance while trying to block cameras leaving one of his shoes in the getaway! Nor do I recall Trump having coughing fits, hocking up some kind goo into a glass and then drinking from the same glass!!

Trump is in fine health, don’t you think with all the leaks if he wasn’t it would be front page news!?