It’s Over! CNN Fact Checks Biden For Falsely Claiming He Never Said SC is His “Firewall”


You know Joe Biden’s campaign already on life-support is on its final days when even CNN fact checks what he says and calls him out for not being honest denying he said South Carolina is his “firewall”. We live in the age of digital video, no one needs to make anything up about anyone, you just have to sit back and wait for them to contradict themselves.

Everyday we see one example after another why obama said “Joe, you don’t need to do this”. Biden is a train wreck, a gift to Trump, who thinks because he was barry’s lackey he can get elected. This clown can’t even beat a closet communist!

Facebook “fact checkers”, WATCH AND LISTEN to the video before you flag this post as false like you did the Sanders post over what he actually said you say is false!