Sanders Doubles Down On Defending Fidel Castro: “The Truth Is The Truth”


Bernie Sanders is believing the polls and hype that he has the DNC nomination in the bag and can taste the Oval Office. That said when Leftists start believing the hype they get careless and run their mouths. You would think after the CBS interview, with Anderson Cooper, Sanders would choose his words more carefully – NOPE. He’s getting cocky and doubling down over his praise of Castro.

Some honest democrats don’t think there’s anything good about Castro and condemn the socialists praise of the murderous dictator.


And this literacy program Castro did was an act of indoctrination:

Dr. Andy Gomez, a retired University of Miami professor who led the school’s Cuban Studies department for decades, said the democratic socialist presidential candidate is misinforming voters about the true motives behind Castro’s education efforts.

“Contrary to what Senator Bernie Sanders said, the literacy campaign used by the Castro regime was part of their strategic plan to indoctrinate the Cuban people by using education at all levels in support of a Marxist ideology,” Gomez said. ~TheBlaze

Nothing Sanders says is honest, it’s all propaganda. If socialism is so great why are Cubans risking their lives to cross the ocean to FL on rafts made out of trash! Socialism is doing so well in Venezuela, a nation with second largest oil reserves, then why did their state run oil company just declare a state of emergency over lack of resources!? Why are people going through trash looking for food, and eating zoo animals??

If this man gets elected there will be a run on banks, markets will crash, companies will outsource overseas, your rights will be erased. Socialism has NEVER worked, unless you think economic and social collapse that leads to world war is a good thing.