Dem Coup Fails Even With Romney’s Help, Trump Acquitted on Both Articles of Impeachment


Pres Donald Trump has been acquitted on both Articles of Impeachment. This attempted coup by the democrats after numerous other attempts to remove POTUS from office has failed in front of millions of Americans, even with the help of Mitt Romney, the ONLY republican, who voted with them on Abuse of Power.

While many will celebrate, the dems will continue their attacks to remove Pres Trump from power. They will use this vote as a tool to uninformed unengaged voters pushing lies that the trial was rigged, GOP was complicit in a cover-up and whatever else they cook up.

This impeachment was more or less based on assumptions/ presumptions by rogue individuals within the govt who want to control foreign policy when it’s the President’s job to dictate American foreign policy. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrat confederacy concocted lies and stories from these rogue individuals, rushed the impeachment hearings, violating process by denying the President to call witnesses and even ask some questions to the witnesses. This is all about optics and creating campaign propaganda to sway clueless voters with the hopes of dems holding majority in the House, taking the Senate as the White House is a long shot with the current roster of dem presidential candidates. They will try to impeach Trump again and if they do win in Nov they will not only remove Trump from office but Pence too.

As for Mitt Romney, he needs to be removed from office by any means necessary, waiting until he is up for re-election is NOT an option. In the short term he should he should be expelled from the GOP. Utah voters better find some old, forgotten, obscure law or something to get that democrat holding a republican senate seat out of office.