Disgusted Lifelong Democrat Voters Calling Into CSPAN Vow They Will NEVER Vote Democrat Again!

First things first – Congrats Pelosi, Schumer, House and Senate dems, YOU HAVE DESTROYED the Democrat Party

After Pres Trump’s State of the Union speech democrat voters from across the US called into CSPAN to give their reaction. In a nutshell these lifelong democrats are so disgusted they have vowed, after Pelosi’s tantrum and the impeachment nonsense, they will never vote democrat again! How many normal sane democrats do each one of these callers represent across America?

(Take note how this guy “accidentally” loses many of these democrat callers, as they vent and rip the party to shreds)
Pelosi, Schumer, House and Senate dems have taken their TDS beyond the tolerance of democrat voters and most Americans. They don’t seem to understand they are our servants, it’s not what they want, but what the people want. They are filled with so much rage and determination to fulfill obama’s promise to fundamental transformation they can’t see how they’re turning away their own voters. These monsters sat on their hands, and Pelosi tore up:

  • The last surviving Tuskagee Airman
  • Victims of criminal illegal aliens cut loose in ILLEGAL sanctuary cities
  • A 4 year old girl getting an opportunity to a better education
  • A military family’s reunion
  • The family and victim of ISIS leader al-baghdadi
  • MANY common ground issues, some of which conservs are no fans of!
  • Many successes of America that have strengthened the country economically, socially and militarily and all the other positive points made by the President that benefit ALL Americans.

While these elitist democrats are destroying their own party republican, conservative and TEA Party voters have one job this November…

..to deliver the POLITICAL extermination of the democrat party.