Pres Trump BROKE Pelosi at SOTU Speech


President Trump has clearly broken Nancy Pelosi from beginning to end of his State of the Union (SOTU) speech.

The first hit came as Trump entered the House and presented copies of his speech to VP Pence and Pelosi, who put her hand out to shake his and Trump RIGHTFULLY turned away.

Trump was justified blowing her off over how this woman has worked tirelessly to have him removed from office. She talks down to him all the time, doesn’t give him any credit for the accomplishments of his admin.

The next of many hits came throughout this spectacular speech, where you could see the unhinged violent Leftist* snickering, making faces, rolling her eyes and talking to herself uttering “not true” countless times on facts he was presenting.

Case in point, as Trump talked about sanctuary cities (SC’s) cutting illegal alien criminals loose, which is true because they’re sanctuaries for illegal aliens, who when released committed more crimes because why not. The confederate House SPOKESWOMAN shook her head saying to herself “not true”. We have countless stories from these SC’s about illegal alien criminals jailed for DUI, theft etc being released committing same crimes if not worse taking the life of a US citizen. How is that not true!?

It wasn’t until the end of the speech when anyone with doubt could clearly see this monster had been broken by the President as she tore the copy of the speech Trump handed to her in half for ALL to see!


When asked why she did that Pelozi said it “It was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternatives”!

Those of you tired of the democrats bullshit, but especially those on the fence (why many of us will never understand) better get out and vote Nov 3 to POLITICALLY EXTERMINATE the democrat office from every single public office position. Remove democrats from whatever job they hold be it school board, dog catcher, mayor, Governor, State senate/ representative all the way to Congress. They have demonstrated repeatedly they will abuse the seat of power they hold and as Pelozi demonstrated are petty, vindictive, vile monsters.

* Pelosi tearing that speech up is an example of violence, she is taking her anger and rage out on paper, but many like her not in govt are prepared to harm those that trigger them as Trump triggered her. That is why regardless of their age and gender democrats are identified as unhinged violent Leftists. They will strike out physically when they cannot win an argument and/or get their way.

Prepare for all hell to break loose when/ if Trump is re-elected.