Democrat Iowa Caucus Disaster is Nothing to Be Joking About!


The democrats Iowa Caucus has turned into a disaster, over an alleged app mishap 🙄, as voters and candidates remain in the dark who exactly won. As the day was just beginning the DNC tweeted out “For three years, we’ve been preparing for the process that officially kicks off tonight in Iowa: the Democratic presidential primary”, they’ve been planning this for 3 years!

Since late Monday night into Tuesday many people have been getting their jabs in against the democrats 3yr plan over how screwed up their count has been,….

…. while it’s amusing it should concern everyone.


While people joke about the democrats inability to count none of them are keeping in mind many of these same democrats, who “can’t count”, will be working the polls in November in the general election. Think about that, the party who has smirked when accused of having the dead and Mickey Mouse vote, and are handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens (who vote) and VEHEMENTLY HATES Donald Trump will have some these same devout workers in every single polling location.

Yes, there will be voter fraud and ballot tampering in the election, and it won’t be by the hands of the Russians. The democrats unhappy with their Caucus results to cause this debacle are giving us preview of how capable they are in plain sight to screw Donald Trump and the GOP Nov 3rd!

The powers that be within the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders in 2016.
You see what dems have done since 2016 to get Trump out of office.
They threw out the Des Moines poll results because something didn’t come out the way they hoped.
The caucus results clearly didn’t show what they wanted to see.

All that said don’t for a second think dems won’t try messing with the general election.
Stop laughing and making fun of them, they may very well have the final laugh!