Spike Lee: GOP Senators Going to ‘Burn In Hell’ For Supporting ‘Agent Orange’ Trump


TDS is quite strong in Spike Lee. The liberal elitist called into Al Sharpton’s show spewing nonsense, attacking the GOP for upholding their oaths of office to not support impeaching Trump. In his twisted world they will burn in hell for swearing on the bible when they took their vow (oath) to not support the dems quest to impeach Pres Trump because Orange Man bad.

Donald Trump DID NOT break any laws. He has not done anything that is even remotely criminal or put Americans lives in danger, but if you listen to these whiners you would think it is the end of the world. Speaking of which, Lee talks about how Trump has access to the nuclear codes suggesting he will get us into a war. The same people who said he would get us into war with North Korea and Iran have been proven wrong yet they continue to fear-monger.

Lee’s promises to vote for whoever is the DNC nominee just goes to show how the Left sticks with party no matter what even when the candidate is atrocious. GOP voters on the other hand are spiteful whiny babies who sit home election day and then cry about the results when dems take over. VA, IL, NY and CA voters should understand this quite well since they gave dems power by sitting home election day because they don’t like the candidate or are too busy.

Don’t assume Trump has 2020 locked up anyone who does is a fool. Trump warned against assuming AND he himself proved anything can happen in an election!