Senator’s Rant Tells You All You Need to Know Where ALL Dems Stand on Constitution

Sen Mazie Hirono as you would expect was not happy over the Senate voting down having more impeachment witnesses which was more or less the final nail in the dems current attempt to remove President Trump from office. As she carried on saying it was not a fair trial without witnesses etc Hirono ranted that she believes Trump thinks he’s a king now, who can do anything he wants and bully leaders.


It wasn’t until the end of her rant where she showed her, and the democrat party’s, true colors as to where they stand on the Constitution. Hirono said “I don’t care what kind of nice, little, legal, Constitutional defenses that they came up with. All in my view in bad faith.” That’s right America, due process, running a hearing by the rules is all in bad faith, as she trivialized the Constitution. How many times did you hear Hirono and the dems talk about how this impeachment was about upholding the rule of law, and defending the Constitution? Trump’s defense team did just that and the dems don’t like it. Wanna know why? These people truly despise our founding doctrine, if given the opportunity they would take a match and gasoline to it

Because things didn’t go their way dems reveal their true hate, while whining the trial is a sham, rigged, the acquittal doesn’t count etc. Now they become more dangerous, and will amp up their following. That is why they must be removed from power this November election.