If Elected President, Warren Will Be “Glad” to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings


Liz Warren trying to stay relevant and gain votes before the Nevada primary was pandering to voters saying she would be “glad” to decriminalize illegal border crossings. It really doesn’t matter who it is running on the DNC ticket for President they are all vowing to open the border up to illegals. The lawlessness and crime being committed against Americans like the rape and murder of Daria Ortiz’s 92 yo grandmother, Maria Fuertas, doesn’t bother dems at the slightest.

These people care only about the money, power and control they will gain through pandering to illegals which wins sympathy votes and big donor money from mindless Americans who don’t see the bigger picture. They don’t care about America’s culture, identity and sovereignty really, being wiped out when they know changing the demographics coast-to-coast will produce one party rule, as it did in California. That’s it, that’s the why for what dems are doing.

California is a disaster, but it doesn’t phase the rich and powerful. Only those in poverty and the middle class feel the pain there. Dems have power, there and they know if they follow the same formula nationally they will control the entire US.

One party rule is the dems end goal. So LAZY complacent GOP/ conserv voters think about that when election day comes around.