Colleges and Universities Are Training Camps For Liberal Indoctrination and Violence


How many examples do we need to see of conservatives being attacked until action is taken against colleges and universities, which are no longer educating students? They are indoctrinating our youth in liberal progressive ideology rooted in hate, pushing marxism/ socialism/ communism and revisionist history in almost any subject of study. These institutions are also serving as the training centers for organized political violence against anyone who holds opposing beliefs than those being “taught”.

What was it Kaitlin Bennett did at the Univ of Ohio, Akron that was so heinous to have all kinds of vile things said to her and things thrown at her including hot coffee? She supports Pres Trump, the Second Amendment, rule of law, and conservative principles. Bennett wasn’t there to attack anyone, or walking around calling people names, she was asking people questions, trying to have a dialogue but as usual when Leftists cannot support their position in debate they get rude, obnoxious, start with personal attacks/ name calling and when they see that has no affect they physically attack. We see it time after time by any conservative who speaks out or attempts to speak on any campus across the USA.

State run, aka taxpayer funded, schools need to be reined in. As for private schools, those of you who are alumni need to stop sending them money, instead expose those who do pointing out they’re bankrolling these institutions that are not educating but indoctrinating. Make them own the radical professors who encourage the violence!

These little monsters screaming at the top of their lungs, ready to tear conservatives apart are emboldened to carry on and attack because they have the numbers and they’re never held responsible.   And let me tell you they’re proud of how they acted, many clips are here where you can see them bragging about their behavior. The Police were more or less complicit with the rioters too, that has become all too well common.

You will never see Leftists act this way when they’re outnumbered, and they always attack those they see are physically inferior to them. They are in fact bullies, who more than likely never got their ass kicked which only emboldened them more producing what you see in videos like these.

We are way past due to put them in their place, the longer it goes unaddressed the worst that reset is going to be.


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