Mich State Univerity Professor: Republicans ‘Raped This Country’, ‘Are a Bunch of Dead White People”

(long version)

This clown is an example of the countless number of liberal progressives in colleges and universities teaching indoctrinating your children. They do everything in their power to indoctrinate the youth into the liberal progressive mindset.

This William Penn, “a child of the 60’s”, rants about voter ID laws only being in place to suppress black voters, whined about rich people attacking the Romney’s and just spewed the typical liberal progressive garbage we’ve come to expect from these monsters infesting our educational system. If anyone should be judged by their performance it should be all teacher from elementary to university level. Once these people get tenure is when they start with their indoctrination. You hold them accountable instead of rewarding them with tenure this kind of garbage will be routed out.

Any parent or family member that has a kid at this school in this clowns class pull them out!