Biden Doubles Down Saying ‘DACA Students Are More American Than Most Americans’


How do you know when democrats are getting truly desperate to stay relevant and keep the campaign money flowing? They throw Americans under the bus and put DACA “kids” on pedestal that they’re ‘more American than most Americans’.

That is the case for crazy Joe Biden, where for the second time, in less than a month, he is praising DREAMers aka DACA kids aka illegal aliens (that is what they are, they’re as illegal as their criminal parents who brought them here) with the hopes of getting enough sympathy votes to win the Nevada primary.

DACA are not the most American. They’ve been here for how long? 10-20 years, and how many of them, now adults, have made any attempt to make things rights? Hmm, how many? ZERO.

Remember obama illegally gave them protection in June of 2012 which was the perfect time for all of them to get in the back of the line, file the paperwork and do things right, but they didnt. Instead they sit around whining, complaining and DEMANDING citizenship because? Just because they’re and think they’re entitled!

Under no circumstances should any of them be given a pathway to citizenship. Here are the 10 conditions that must be in any immigration plan otherwise all bets are off.