College Students Support Concentration Camps for Conservatives & Republicans

The Kent State “Gun Girl”, libertarian, Kaitlin Bennett went undercover as a feminist at UCLA with a petition to put conservatives and republicans into a feminist re-education program aka concentration camps!

This is California so it’s not too surprising to see all these brainwashed fools supporting this petition initiative. Bennett couldn’t be anymore forward, honest, by clearly stating she’s pushing something radical to force change, or compliance really, to those who simply have a differing opinion on climate change, LGBT rights etc. The most interesting supporter of this re-education initiative, to “Jenna Talia’s” luck, is a member of the student govt who gives Bennett pointers on how to dress it up so it isn’t so obvious and suggest people who will help make it happen!

These are the people who will be running this country in a few years. Colleges and universities themselves are indoctrination camps producing real versions of the activist character Bennett is portraying. America get your kids out of these places if the career they’re seeking TRULY DOES NOT require a higher education (ie Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Science etc). Today’s college and university students are not being educated, they’re being brainwashed to support everything from abortion, the systematic destruction of the US Constitution, socialism, and interring they oppose in concentration camps. DO NOT say it can’t happen, because those who escaped tyranny and death will tell you people in their countries were just as dismissive until it was too late!