Ocasio-Cortez Warns Lack of Urgency on Climate Change Will Kill Us


Climate change is the religion of the left. They truly believe the “science” behind it, regardless of the computer model theories being debunked, and are threatening global catastrophe in just a few years. Keep in mind this same alarmism existed back in the 70’s when today’s advocates predecessors warned we would be in the next ice age right now! It didn’t happen then they shifted to global warming when they were proven wrong. And now Ocasio-Cortez adjusts the narrative that if it’s really cold or hot than it was in the past well that’s proof “we’re screwed”, the end of the world is coming, “we’re dying” it will “kill us” if something isn’t done right now!

There is no solid scientific data proving climate change is real. Computer models based off of small data samples is not definitive science! Why are we still having this discussion years after climate-gate? Those scientists AOC and co base their bs on were proven to be scam artists and opportunists. I would like someone to explain how taxing the hell out of people and businesses, cutting energy production will exactly fix the environment? Why is the US the target of climate change hoax when you have India, China and other nations dumping more pollution than anyone else?!

Ocasio-Cortez KNOWS about the real polluters in the world but wants to punish America, because she like the socialist party wants to bring America down. They want the US to no longer be a world leader but a follower AFTER they institute their form of wealth redistribution.

I suggest folks watch this video of Christopher Monckton from 2009 speaking in St Paul on the climate change hoax. Listen to the other side of the debate because the left has done everything possible to silence people like him!