Sen Feinstein Went SAVAGE on Children Asking Her to Support Green New Deal


There are no good guys in this video between the climate change alarmists, wanting support for AOC’s DESTROY America Green New Deal to a vile US Senator, Diane Feinstein. What is amazing, but not really, is how savage Feinstein goes on these kids from Sunrise Movement, being on defensive as she would on the Senate floor. It’s as if these kids, the future of America, offended and challenged her judgment and agenda where she felt perfectly fine treating them like adults!

This is the full video that was live streamed on FB

The children are completely brainwashed on this “end of the world in 12 years” nonsense AOC planted. For those who grew up during height of Cold War imagine yourself when you were 12-16yrs old hearing all the doom and gloom and how you felt – that’s where these kids are over this nonsense and lies about climate change (aka the weather). There was a lot of fear back then, but the fear today is based on bunk science, and remember this Green New Deal is more or less coming from a child who was a bartender just a few months ago! You have to feel for the children being used and frankly weaponized by the climate change activists to intimidate a sitting US Senator. Shame on the adults abusing kids like this.

As for Feinstein, if you haven’t figured it out with her yearly attacks on the Second Amendment, she is one of the worst US Senators in US history. She’s done nothing for the nations best interests over the last 3 decades! Listen to her savage these children, the smugness and condescension, who does that to kids!? By her own admission she has been in office far too long as she blatantly displays her superiority complex to the peasants pleading with her to do something about the world ending in 12 years. An 85-year-old woman, a US Senator for over 30 years telling to CHILDREN, dismissing their cause “You didn’t vote for me,” I’ve been doing this for over 30 years “I know what I’m doing,” “Well you know better than I do. So, I think one day you should run for the Senate.”

We have three major problems here:
– A US Senator who is beyond rude and cold to children, who should be the poster-child for term limits
– The alarmism over climate change has gotten completely out of control
– Activists have stooped so low to now brainwash and weaponize children for their political agenda.

You want it to stop? Stop making excuses and get active. If you were one of those people who sat home election day 2018 you better be one of the first out to vote come 2020. These leftists are out for blood, they use kids and push crazy resolutions that will destroy this country.