Van Jones: MAGA Supporters Treat Blacks Like Smollett Did Them

Self-avowed radical revolutionary and CNN’s in-house communist Van Jones just couldn’t resist looking for a way to hang Jussie Smollett’s hoax on Trump supporters. MAGA supporters for the most part were skeptical of Smollett’s attack claim, no one was attacking him, prior to his arrest especially after the DA’s scathing presser. Are they doing it now? YES, the SOB was trying to frame white people for personal financial gain, and more or less start a race war! Where are the Blacks being framed by MAGA supporters for fake hate crimes, where are they? One hate crime story after another where white people/ Trump supporters are blamed turn out to be false.

(fwd to 2:36, unless you really want to hear Tiffany Cross ramble on)

Also can someone please explain to this commie that there are A LOT of Black MAGA supporters so his race-baiting claim, that an entire group of people are lumped together, is a total lie! This is a typical tactic of the unhinged left to pull the race card in anyway they can when they have nothing to stand on.