High School Student Banned From Wearing MAGA Hat on Campus


High school senior Maddie Mueller, is politically active, and a proud American patriot who has been told she is not allowed to wear her MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat in school, or other Trump related clothing. CBS reports the Clovis, Ca school district does not restrict political clothing from their dress code but that doesn’t stop the school admin from making up rules on the fly.

They’re shirts and hats NO ONE is going to die from them. People, young and old, need to grow the hell up and get over themselves. “Ohhhh I’m offended….” Okay well your life is not in mortal danger by whatever you say is offensive, so suck it up, don’t look at it, walk away, change the channel, do whatever you have to BUT STOP telling people what they can or can’t do because your wittle feewings are huwrt.

A hat, shirt, flag, sticker, pin whatever, is an inanimate object, your problem/offense is YOU. People have a right to express themselves anyway they please, the moment we start policing/ censoring people over the clothes they where or other material that’s when a line a crossed from freedom to authoritarianism. If you don’t it like LEAVE, there is no gun to anyone’s head to live in the United States.

If you cannot handle the sight of any inanimate object be it MAGA hat, firearm, a Pop Tart bitten to look like a gun, or anything really at this point to where you feel the need to impose on rights or even lash out verbally or physically at another person seek psychiatric help ASAP. Yours truly HATES seeing uneducated children walking around wearing Che Guevara shirts, obama/ clinton garb, bumper stickers etc BUT I do not throw fits, assault anyone, file lawsuits, organize protests and/ or boycotts or do anything as leftists do when they are offended. I’m a grown up, I look, shake my head and maybe mumble to myself “what a clueless idiot”.