Democrats Introducing Legislation to Block National Emergency


The Confederate democrats will be introducing legislation to stop Pres Trump’s National Emergency declaration solidifying their loyalty to illegal aliens, the drug cartels and open border advocates like George Soros. All of Trump’s predecessors used the NEA including obama over the pig flu, but Trump wanting to stop illegal guns, drugs and human trafficking is considered an abuse of power.


Democrats couldn’t have made their allegiance to illegal aliens anymore clear at this point as they continue their obstruction agenda. Illegal aliens are the key to democrat confederacy holding onto power in the same way slavery was in the 19th century. They’re prepared to fight for illegals the same way their predecessors fought to keep slavery!!

The President will no doubt veto any bill put before him to stop one of his key campaign promises the dems will try to use to unseat him in 2020. That’s all this game of theirs is about now, causing chaos for Trump in these next two years so Bernie or one of the others running can by some act of God win the White House, and the party regaining majority in the Senate while holding onto the House.