Journalist Warns Muslim Supremacists Are Gaining Control on Capitol Hill


“Muslim Supremacists in action on Capitol hill. They acted like they owned the House of Representatives, and they sort of do right now…”

During the obama years how many of us were condemned for warning about radical islamists/ muslim supremacists/ the muslim brotherhood infiltrating the US govt? We were called racists, bigots, islamophobes for simply expressing concern over how the muslim brotherhood and groups like CAIR were being given an ear in Congress to acquiring high level security clearance positions within the Pentagon!

Here we are years later and now they are walking the halls of Capitol hill. Linda Sarsour has no business being in the US Capitol building. This woman is as radical as the come. These islamists are the driving force behind the democrat socialist party’s shift to turning a blind-eye to antisemitism. The House resolution bill should have been about Rep Omar’s offensive anti-Semtic comments, instead it was watered down to be an all-inclusive anti-hate/bigotry bill that of course addresses the “hate” being directed towards muslims in the US! This didn’t happen by accident, this resolution and everything we’re seeing is by design, it’s been going on for years. Reps Omar, Tlaib and company are just the beginning of what is planned to transform the US govt.

Everyone seems to be upset over Omar’s words, but what should really scare the hell out of them is how she got to Congress. An entire community put her in DC, and not one them has spoken out to date to condemn her for what she has said!

Ret Lt Gen Jerry Boykin has been outspoken on this issue for years…

People better wake the hell up.