Democrat’s Own Witnesses Admit There IS A CRISIS on the Southern Border


The House Oversight Committee held a hearing on the ‘Trump Administration’s Response to the Drug Crisis’. As expected democrats socialists grandstanded tying this in with illegal immigration pushing their lies there is no crisis on the border. What they didn’t expect was to have their witnesses used against their narrative when time came for Jim Jordan ask questions…

Remember these witnesses are the experts the socialists invited to testify and they just shot holes through their lies, confirming we have a drug, gang/ cartel and human trafficking crisis on the US-Mexico border.

Yes, drugs are being recovered at ports of entry (432K pounds), but as these experts attest there is just as much if not more (at least 476K pounds) coming across the border between ports of entry, in unsecured locations. You see there’s always two-sides to a story.

It is abundantly clear the left will do everything in their power to make the southern border open. It’s just like Sen Graham said, “Bottom line is this [illegal entry] continues it’s like adding a congressional district of illegal immigrants every year. The average congressional district is about 600,000 people, this year alone we’re on track to do 640. This has to stop.”

(From the way it looks Jordan was making this point not only to put dems in their place but also personal towards AOC, who spoke earlier trivializing the threat on the border.) Full video