Sen Graham Spells Out Dems TRUE Intentions With Illegal Immigration


Outside of conservative websites and blogs, like this one, you never hear what Sen Lindsay Graham said today during the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Human Trafficking Along the Southern Border. Democrats do not care about Americans and they also DO NOT CARE about illegal aliens, but they care about what they can gain from them which is power.

“Bottom line is this [illegal entry] continues it’s like adding a congressional district of illegal immigrants every year. The average congressional district is about 600,000 people, this year alone we’re on track to do 640. This has to stop.”

Graham nailed it perfectly, this is exactly what the democrats are doing. They’re clearly pandering to illegals at every opportunity and KNOW they cannot win an election fairly, let alone advance their radical transformation of America until they have a super majority. They’re deliberately doing everything in their power to get as many illegal aliens into the country as possible to flood democrat and republican districts. By doing so it gives them a guarantee to holding that dem Congressional seat and of course flipping a red seat in the case of redistricting. Illegals don’t vote (some do anyway) but their presence in the US does have an effect on out electoral system. Change demographics you change the electorate. This is what happened in California transforming it into a one party ruled state. Now you can understand why the democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep a citizenship questions off the 2020 Census!

Now you see why dems are infiltrating red districts across the country like a virus. They take over political office, create sanctuary cities until it’s time to move on to the next state. Don’t say it can’t happen when it already did in CA, CO, with AZ, FL, NC and TX on their way!!