Pelosi Has Lost Control, Radicals in Dem Party Now Control the Speakership


The House resolution to condemn antisemitism IS because of the hate coming out of rep Ilhan Omar, it’s all about Omar not this general “comprehensive” anti-hate/ bigotry nonsense being sold to the American people. Nancy Pelsoi has lost control by making this resolution comprehensive and makeing excuses for Omar. She is more or less the spokesperson for the radicals (Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Harris, Booker etc) running Congress who are now in control of the Speakership. These freshman democrats are running the show now, literally making old guard democrats take cover, afraid to speak their mind because they fear the radicals will mobilize their devout cult following to attack.

Omar and her hate for Jews won’t be singled out in the resolution, as she will not be named in the it and she will be allowed to edit it too!


Don’t like Paul Ryan, nor John Boehner but they, as Speakers, NEVER caved to the TEA Party and conservatives where they would come out making excuses, even denying hate as Pelosi is doing. To make matters worse, as she exited the presser, she pivoted to make this about Trump…

“We’re not policing the speech of our members… If we’re cleaning up everybody’s language we could start in the White House.”


Democrats are defending antisemitism, bigotry, abortion and killing of full term babies who survive an abortion, and socialism. If you watched the entire presser there is far more the dems are working on now to get back to how things used to be under obama while holding just control of the House. What they will do with absolute power in this country should be scaring the hell out of every single American. Don’t mock or trivialize anything they do, it’s dismissive when in reality they’re becoming more dangerous by the day.