House Judiciary Chair Admits He Has No Evidence of Obstruction of Justice Against Trump


For over 2 years we’ve heard repeatedly Pres Trump colluded with the Russians, democrats campaigned on it to win majority in the House. To this day not one shred of evidence has ever been produced. Democrats have put all their faith in the Mueller investigation that will most likely report there’s nothing there. Let’s be honest if Mueller actually had something on Trump it would’ve leaked out by now too.

That said democrats are pivoting their witch hunt against the President on claims of obstruction of justice BUT they have no proof. Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Chair, admitted on CNN he has no evidence just his opinion! That’s it that’s all dems need now to justify this never-ending silent coup is opinion based on their feelings!

In a clear act of abusing his power this SOB is issuing subpoena’s against just about everyone around Trump and desperately trying to get his private financial documents, as well as his businesses, with the hopes they’ll find evidence of wrongdoing!!

First off Trump files his taxes if he ever did something wrong over the years don’t you think the IRS would have gone after him!? Secondly who in their right mind would offer up their information to more or less incriminate themselves?! One can only hope the 80 or so people being names in this “investigation” will all invoke their 5th Amendment rights and of course POTUS too.

The democrats to this day can’t get over Hillary losing, that’s all this is about. They’re willing to destroy this country, as many feel we are on the path to civil war, to get Trump out of office. They really have no idea the hell that is coming for them if they don’t stop this insanity.

Now this wouldn’t have happened if GOP/ conservative voters got out and voted Nov 2016. Let this be a lesson to you all you cannot sit home and pout on election day. Those who sat home, YOU PUT Nadler and co into power bringing us close to the brink.