Hillary Calls the Right ‘Racists and White Supremacists’


Hillary Clinton is completely desperate to stay relevant and remain in the public eye. Make no mistake Clinton wants to be president, she hinted to it last October, she thinks it’s her right and hints to it in every speech given; that sound more and more like campaign speeches like this one for the Selma 50 Jubilee.[3/5/19 Clinton stated she is not running, but that’s what she says for now]

Clinton is still using the old democrat playbook pandering to minorities, especially Blacks to hold onto power. During this speech she throws down calling people on the Right ‘racists and white supremacists’ whose views are held up by the media and White House! Someone should let her know many Blacks are registered republicans, proud conservatives who support this White House. There is an active campaign, BLEXIT, to get black voters to stop supporting the democrat party, switch over and vote GOP, since the democrats have done nothing for them but lie for decades to stay in power.