Sanders Can’t Name Any Specific Legislation He’s Passed That Helps People


Sen Bernie Sanders, the man who said his socialist agenda is now America’s agenda, was asked to specifically name any piece of legislation he has passed to help people and couldn’t name 1. The man has been in public office for 30 years and he more or less admitted he has done NOTHING for the American people during that time. But now because he promises free stuff for everyone and to champion the climate change hoax people are flocking to him in support, donating millions for his 2020 presidential run!

“Well maybe he just couldn’t remember being on the spot like that.” Oh so having memory issues will be socialists excuse? That will be a problem for a man in his late 70’s running for POTUS where should he win he’ll be in his 80’s! Clear mental state should be on top of socialists list for a candidate since they’re already claiming Trump has mental issues, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to have that position against Trump yet support a forgetful older candidate!?

I bet Sanders can name plenty of legislation he supported that granted power to the govt, especially ones for tax increases. America WILL NOT be a socialist nation, those hoping for it better forget about it. We are seeing what the glamour of socialism produces in the long-term from whats happening in Venezuela, it will not happen here.