Sen Sanders: My Progressive Agenda is America’s Agenda

Sen Bernie Sanders was campaigning on, one of the socialist party’s many propaganda programs, The View. Behar fielded what she believed to be a hard question about how Sanders helped split the dem party and put Trump in the White House. The socialist communist senator gave his explanation about being supportive to Clinton in 2016 and how they worked together on a “progressive agenda which has become the agenda not only the Democratic Party but of the United States of America.”

Americans do not want the progressive agenda Sanders claims is the nation’s agenda, as it is destructive when the sugar coating is wiped away. This $15/ hour living wage he is so proud of is in fact causing people to lose their jobs or jobs to not be available as I argued here. Medicare for All will result in the elimination of private insurance plans, where like obamacare the GOVERNMENT will be deciding on people’s care. The agenda he is advocating on are extreme left who are/ have taken over the party. Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer etc are all on their way out with people like AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Schiff, Sanders, Warren aka extreme leftist, radical, socialists/ communists taking over! That’s not America, that’s Venezuela which is in ruins on the verge of civil war, or at the least Cuba or even the old USSR Putin is trying to revive.

If whats coming from Sanders, AOC and co are not enough to motivate republican and conservative voters to come out in 2020 to not only hold onto the White House but create a super majority in Congress we’re done.